Welcome to Foundersgully

Who are we -

A Business Social media networking Platform - Startup

  • A Platform for all the Creative and Innovative People.
  • A Platform for all the Professionals.
  • A platform for all the Founders and Entrepreneurs.

The Idea of this platform randomly took place in July 2017 in the living room of its Founder Mr. Ankit Mantri. And after various circumstances, A Business Social Media Networking Website – Foundersgully.Com got officially launched on January 2018.

Foundersgully is designed with a concept to connect all the Creative people, Conceptual founders and Business Entrepreneurs

The Basic Motto behind concept of Foundersgully is to give the platform to show the creativity of people from different creative and innovative background like (“Sculpture artist, Painters, Drawing, Sketching, Performance artist, Dancing, Writing, Storytellers, Poem, Film-Making, Drama, Music, Art and Craft, Cooking, Photography, Video-Making, Hand Made Product artist, Events, Travel, Anchoring, Tattooist, Athlete, Fitness, Sports, Mimicry artist, etc.”)

And also to give the platform to all the Conceptual Founders and Business Entrepreneurs to flourish their things and socialize their business life.

Founders gully is a social media platform which will enable people to Create and grow their hidden creativity, make a professional connection, and to flourish their talent to reach globally.

This platform will connect all the Creative people, Innovative people, Professionals, Founders & Entrepreneurs who can showcase their Creativity, Innovation, Professionalism and Business life to the world.

Vision -

Vision of Foundersgully.com is

To give the Economic world the best business Social media Networking Platform.

And also to make this Platform the best Creative social media hub for Creative people, Conceptual founders and Business Entrepreneurs.

And to Flourish the Entrepreneurs growth where they can create their own - Social media Digital Store.

Mission -

The Mission of Foundersgully is to-

Bring awareness among people that there is always a hidden creativity and talent in them.

Bring all the people with different creative background on this platform.

Bring all the conceptual Founders and Business Entrepreneurs on this platform.

Enable people to grow their professional connections.

Enable people to flourish their things to reach globally.

Enable people to see the creativity and talent of people with different creative background as per city, state and country.

To make people connect with different category business as per city, state and country.

“Do Remember”

“If you feel you have nothing, don’t be sad, you always have a creative person hidden inside

you. Bring that Creative person out, Execute your creativity, and flourish it to reach globally.”

“So don’t just waste your time, use your time in some productive things.”

If you are Creative – It’s your platform.